Who Wears it Better Ottawa

When I got a word from one of the Who Wears it Better Ottawa founders asking me to participate in a fashion contest, I wasn’t sure as it wasn’t my thing and I was rightfully moving the day after the shoot.  But, something prompted me to say yes, even if the skin dress I was to wear was lovely but  .. did I say skin tight already?

As I looked into the cause, I found out that Who Wears It Better’s mission was not just a fashion contest , but a initiative to showcase and prove  that the latest fashion styles can be found at a store near you, right in the 613 (Ottawa) as a matter of fact ! As an advocate of all things local, and having been forever tired of hearing that Ottawa and fashion just don’t go together, my initial intuition to jump on board was now confirmed.  If that wasn’t incentive enough, part of the proceeds would go to the charity of choice of the winner.

Below is the exact mandate of Who Wears It Better Ottawa:

Each month an Ottawa fashion expert, a hairstylist and a make-up artist are going to work their charm by giving 10 ladies a chance to showcase their personal style with clothes found in stores across Ottawa. At the end of each month, one lucky lady with the most votes will win $1000. Half of the prize money will go straight into her pocket and the other $500 will be donated to a charity of her choice.

I love these kind of initiatives! what a better way to showcase local talent while supporting such various and good causes! I am excited to see this grow more and more. and I am proud to have been part of it.

In the meantime please please #vote for me!




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