Yes I am hating!

Everywhere I look, I see this! NO not the guy, that hair + the beard!  it was oh so easy on the eyes when it started making its way in sometime a year and a half ago. But what is it about style that just vanishes when you see more than 10 people on a give day with the SAME thing!

I haven’t quite gotten this annoyed since the jeans and blazer combo, or maybe the fawhawk combo.  But one thing is for certain, I think everyone is ready for the next best thing! ? right?


AND I FOUND OUT WHAT IT WILL BE! and I am not so sure that it will be better than the current trend.

The new trend is not much different, except for it’s much more risque and as some would say a lot more metro-sexual!

These are the looks that could be spotted on the busy tango dance floor in Buenos Aires every single day, but that just goes with the dance, doesn’t it!

Well according to GQ, 2014 will be filled with slick backcombed hair ! I see the revenue spark for male hair-products like mad if this truly becomes mainstream.

Beards are gone like they never happened! the indies can finally rest from relief 🙂

BUT for those who are gonna be skeptical the first little while ( before the slick look becomes normal and all will flock to it once more, and it will!)

there are options; namely the good old buzz cut AND the long surfer hair!

Your pick!

So why does this matter anyway? because this is what you have to look at for the year to come, and it’s kind of important to be prepared 🙂  or maybe because I love trends and the female 2014 are not out yet so I switched gears until the lagging female trends are out!  not sure.

Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think! 

744261-1_ll871004-1_ll 871012-1_ll buzz


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