STYLE: Get your burgundy on! Same trend for men and women!

Different colour trend have come and gone over the years, all of them catchy and nice. We had ocean blue last year, with orange making a splash over the summer, and I recall green being “in” as well.  But there hasn’t been a colour that made me as excited as burgundy! now that it’s a huge fall 2013 trend,  you almost gasp “Oh Yeah, burgundy”, why haven’t we thought of it before?!

Burgundy has been my favourite colour throughout childhood, until I crossed to the other side of not having a favourite colour at all.  Seeing this colour so beautifully incorporated in fashion, brings back my love for it .  And also makes me want to run to the mall and buy those leather burgundy pants, and smear my lips with burgundy lipstick.

And what’s even more exciting about this trend is that men have picked up on it too.  “Men in burgundy”  might not have the best ring to it, but the gents have been pulling this look off incredibly well.  I first saw it on Andrew Garfield, and thought nothing of it trend-wise. But everyone from Zach Efron to  Jamie Fox, Liam Hemsworth as well as Robert Pattinson have followed suit since and taken it to another level.  Now  classy tailored burgundy suits are the thing to wear for fashion savvy metrosexesual men around the world.  What a turn in trends isn’t it? from an indie beard last year to a burgundy suit.

Enjoy and I better get to the mall before it closes!







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